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Thi My Lien Nguyen

16. März 2023

Hello dear people

A very warm welcome to the first issue of my «Weekly Crush» series.

My name is Thi My Lien Nguyen, you can call me My Lien [mi-li-en] and I’m really, reaaaally excited to share this space with you in the following weeks! Yay!

Just a few words about me and my artistic practice, so you can pinpoint me somewhere in the wide and broad art and design spectrum: I’m a photographer and (visual) artist working on topics and questions around identity, belonging, community and food! (Oh yes, FOOD! Lmk if you wanna have some recipes dropped here, hihi.)

I’m looking forward to connect with you and share some inspiring things and matters with you in the following weeks:

Impressions and inspirations, exhibitions and shows, books and movies, links and songs, bits and pieces! Everything that might come across my way and thoughts that wander through my mind.

Before we hit it off with a little game, let me place my gratitude with you!

I know that people’s time and attention is a precious matter and therefore I’d like to sincerely thank you for being here with me, in this weirdly interesting in-between space from my environment to yours. From my cosmos to yours and vice versa! From my mail server to yours, from me to you! <3Ok, let’s go! Click on START and game on!


Until next week! Be safe and stay loving. <3

With lots of love and respect,

My Lien

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