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Thi My Lien Nguyen

6. April 2023

Dear magical you,

Almost two weeks ago I joined the “Young Insiders” of Kunstverein St. Gallen on their annualy art trip. This time our destination was lovely Ticino. Following I’d like to share some spots we visited with you.

☀︎ Mariapia Borgnini (Kunst am Bau, Via della Posta 2, Lugano)

☀︎ Sonnenstube (Off-Space, Via Antonio Adamini 4, Lugano)

☀︎ Fondazione Marguerite Arp (Via alle Vigne 44 Locarno)

Within my art practice I try my best to find a proper balance between concept-thinking-work, the actual “crafting” work and last but not least and very dear to me, my artist date (or feed-my-inner-child-work). And let’s not forget the “I-need-money-to-survive-in-this-world-work. But on that maybe another time.I do not believe in the myth where creatives get “struck” with ideas or that ideas drop from the sky. I’m sure you all know that experience where you’re showering or cooking or something and you get this brilliant idea or solution for your next thing – did that really come from “no where”? I don’t think so. Our minds work, for us somtimes, in some mysterious ways, but I am convinced that our (sub)concious does much more than we are aware of.

So, feeding our minds and hearts with things and sights that spark joy, inspire or amaze you, can be a way of filling up your inner dwell of creativity. Sometimes I visit beautiful (food-) stores or second hand shops on purpose, just to watch and observe (and not consume anything). It usually takes me like 10 minutes and I feel always so inspired and relieved after.

I’m sure many of you might have similar stories or ways of doing this?

To me, these moments and experiences have a big influence on me and my work and I try my best to block at least half a day per week just for that. (And I don’t consider this “free time”, but actual work. ;-))


A quote by someone else:

“As an artist, you are the brief.

Your brain is the brief. Whatever your thoughts are is the reason to make what you’re making.” – Ana Benaroya, from her interview with The Creative Independent

With love and respect,

My Lien

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