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Thi My Lien Nguyen

23. März 2023

One of the things I’m currently chewing on:

Lately I find myself thinking a lot about “care”.

How to care, how to be caring and how the (capilatistic) wellness industry has seized the "concept of self-care” (≠ consuming “beauty” products).

But what about caring for others? A friend once told me, if you want to find out how a society, a country, a nation thinks and acts, what values they hold important – you need to take a closer look at how they treat their elders.

How do we treat our elders?

On this (broad) matter, I’m currently reading this:

On Care. A Journey into the Relational Nature of Artists' Residencies

My next solo artist date:

The Bigger Picture: Design – Frauen – Gesellschaft

What I’m currently (re-)reading:

Radikale Zärtlichkeit by Şeyda Kurt

What I’m listening at the moment:

Hermanos Gutiérrez

A quote by a random person

"If we are going to survive, we are going to need to tie our roots to other roots."

Have a good rest of the week and take care.

My Lien

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